Rhyme of the week 06/03/17

This week’s rhyme of the week is called The African Elephant, please can you encourage your child to learn this poem.

The African elephant

The elephant has enormous ears,

And a trunk so very long,

His eyes are very tiny,

And his tusks are sharp and strong.


Dazzling Homework!

Well done to Ella – your homework is dazzling! We can see that you have tried really hard with every piece of work that you have done. Your effort is dazzling and we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

We love seeing all the work you complete at work – keep trying hard Reception!

Inventing Stories!

This week, Burrow Class have been inventing stories. Today we invented ‘Mr Gumpy’s Tiger Adventure’ and it goes like this…

Once upon a time, there was an old man called Mr Gumpy who lived in a mushroom. One stormy day, he decided to go to the woods where he met a tiger. “I’m going to eat you!” roared the tiger. “HELP” shouted Mr Gumpy. Suddenly, Burrow Class came flying in on their aeroplane to rescue Mr Gumpy. They tickled the tiger and he ROARED and out of his mouth jumped Mr Gumpy. “Thank you” said Mr Gumpy  “Would you like to come for tea?” The End.

Well done Burrow Class – a fantastic adventure story!

I challenge you to invent another fantastic story! Don’t forget to bring them to school so we can read them. image

Team Games

imageWe were all team players today and worked together to complete an assault course in the hall – we had to crawl through the tunnel, slalom the cones, spin the hoola hoop and finish posing like a gymnast! We had to work together as a team to complete it in the fastest time.

Junk Modelling!

We all had fun this morning working with our parents/carers to create our boats out of junk modelling. On Thursday, we will be testing if they float!

Please continue to bring in anything suitable for us to use for junk modelling – thanks! image.jpeg

Dazzling Work!

Well done Joshua – your homework is dazzling!!

His story read:- One day me and Daddy went to visit the tigers in a hot air balloon we flew so high. We stopped off for a picnic. We then went to visit the giraffes and the elephants. We met some funny penguins who did a silly dance so we fed them some fish. We fed the elephants sticky buns and the tigers steak. Daddy looked at his watch and said it was time for tea so we climbed in and flew back home where mommy brought McDonald’s. Then it was time for bed Mommy read me a story and I fell asleep dreaming of all the animals.
The End. image