A recipe for happiness!

Today, Burrow Class worked together to create a ‘recipe for happiness’. We thought about all the things that make us happy and things that make us good friends.

Our recipe is:

A dollop of smiles,
A pinch of tickle,
10 spoonfuls of sharing,
A jug of caring,
A bowl full of kindness,
11 spoons of nice,
2 trays of playfulness,
A slice of happiness,
1 cup of helpfulness,
2 jugs full of cuddles,
Lots of laughter,
10 bowls of love,
4 trays of generosity,
99 bowls of friends,
10 big kisses.

Try following our recipe and see how happy it makes you feel!!


Exploring Shape!

Today we have had lots of fun exploring the shapes we could find hidden in the water tray. We found lots of 2D shapes including a circle, square and a triangle! Some of us even found a hexagon.

I challange you to look out for 2D shapes on your journey to and from school!


The Gruffalo

Our Talk 4 Writing story this half term is The Gruffalo.

Can you practise retelling the story to your family and friends? Maybe even try designing your own story map for The Gruffalo.


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An adventure on the farm!

Yesterday we visited the farm, we learnt all about chickens, pigs, sheep and cows! We fed the chickens and collected the eggs that they had laid. We realised that all eggs are different on the outside but inside they are all the same.

We also fed the sheep -as they ate their food out of our hand, their tongues tickled our hands. They had three week old lambs too, we listened to them calling out for their Mummy!

Next we visited the pigs, they were called Pinky and Percy. One had a straight tail and one had a curly tail.

After that, we visited the cows. The farm had 200 cows! We walked all the way to the end of the cow shed – some of us thought it was a little bit stinky!

We had a lovely day at the farm and we learnt so many exciting things about the animals – we even pretended to milk the cow!

Thanks for having us Mount Pleasant Farm!!


Being Healthy!

This week we have been looking at foods that are healthy for us. We have explored the fruits that Handa takes to Akeyo and we have even made our own healthy pizzas. We have also designed our own fruit bowls full of delicious fruits!

We have been talking about foods that are unhealthy for us too – we know that sweets, chocolate and chips are unhealthy for us but we have decided that it is okay to have them as a treat but it is not good to eat them every day!

We are trying to be really healthy by eating fruit everyday and drinking lots of water.

I challenge you to try a new healthy food – perhaps a guava, or a mango or maybe even a passion fruit!image

Making music!

Today we have been exploring how to make sounds using the instruments. We have been looking at different tribal dances and trying to copy the dances and mimic the music that they dance too.

We really enjoyed exploring all the different sounds that instruments make. image