Being Healthy!

This week we have been looking at foods that are healthy for us. We have explored the fruits that Handa takes to Akeyo and we have even made our own healthy pizzas. We have also designed our own fruit bowls full of delicious fruits!

We have been talking about foods that are unhealthy for us too – we know that sweets, chocolate and chips are unhealthy for us but we have decided that it is okay to have them as a treat but it is not good to eat them every day!

We are trying to be really healthy by eating fruit everyday and drinking lots of water.

I challenge you to try a new healthy food – perhaps a guava, or a mango or maybe even a passion fruit!image

Making music!

Today we have been exploring how to make sounds using the instruments. We have been looking at different tribal dances and trying to copy the dances and mimic the music that they dance too.

We really enjoyed exploring all the different sounds that instruments make. image

Handa’s Surprise!

This half term we are learning the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’, we will be learning to tell it off by heart and we will be exploring all the fruit that Handa talks about in her story.

I challenge you to use the story map to retell the story to all your friends and family! image

World Book Day

Wow! Burrow Class have made such a fantastic effort this year – we all look amazing! We have got Little Red Riding Hood, Mr Gumpy,  Woody from Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and so many more fantastic outfits. Well done Burrows – you are dazzling!

Dazzling Homework!

Well done to Ella – your homework is dazzling! We can see that you have tried really hard with every piece of work that you have done. Your effort is dazzling and we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

We love seeing all the work you complete at work – keep trying hard Reception!