An adventure on the farm!

Yesterday we visited the farm, we learnt all about chickens, pigs, sheep and cows! We fed the chickens and collected the eggs that they had laid. We realised that all eggs are different on the outside but inside they are all the same.

We also fed the sheep -as they ate their food out of our hand, their tongues tickled our hands. They had three week old lambs too, we listened to them calling out for their Mummy!

Next we visited the pigs, they were called Pinky and Percy. One had a straight tail and one had a curly tail.

After that, we visited the cows. The farm had 200 cows! We walked all the way to the end of the cow shed – some of us thought it was a little bit stinky!

We had a lovely day at the farm and we learnt so many exciting things about the animals – we even pretended to milk the cow!

Thanks for having us Mount Pleasant Farm!!



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